The Environmental Management Bureau XII, in partnership with Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges, conducted a webinar on Lead Poisoning Prevention cum Ozone Science and Chemical Management in the Philippines on October 26, 2022, via Zoom Application.

In his opening remarks, Regional Director Engr. Omar M. Saikol, warmly welcomed the participants and emphasized that the celebration of International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week aimed to address the health effects of lead exposure and highlight the effort of countries and partners to prevent lead exposure, especially in children.

Engr. Catherine C. Buligan, Environmental Management Specialist I, discussed the properties, uses, and effects on human health of the chemical element lead, a naturally occurring toxic metal. She explained that lead exposure is harmful to everyone and can damage organs in the body.

Furthermore, Engr. Marc M. Failon, Environmental Management Specialist I, was the next speaker. He discussed how to reduce the production of CFCs and hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere to protect the ozone layer.

Lastly, Engr. Kristeen Kreem T. Villanueva, Chief of Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste, discussed the different aspects of managing and promoting chemical safety and developing their capability to implement solution-oriented approaches to the safe use of chemicals.

Approximately 50 students from Ramon Magsasaysay Memorial College attended in this activity. The activity aimed to strengthen awareness on the effects of Lead Poisoning, Ozone Science and Chemical Management.