In line with the celebration of National Day for Youth in Climate Action, the Environmental Management Bureau XII conducted a webinar entitled “Youth Talks: Our Influence on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Resiliency” for students of Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College (RMMC) and Natural Sciences Students Society of Notre Dame of Marbel University of Notre Dame of Marbel University (NDMU) held on November 11, 2022, through the Zoom application.

Representing the EMB XII Regional Director, Omar M. Saikol, Youth Desk Officer Ms. Angeleia Bayogos warmly welcomed the participants and emphasized that the youth have the opportunity to promote proactive social and environmental awareness and can catalyst changes in our own societies towards a sustainable and climate-resilient future.

Mr. Kyle V. Aboy, a member of Greenducator and founder of Ibaraki Academy, discussed Climate Change and Planetary Health. He gave an overview of the basic science behind the major environmental issues and their mitigation and responses to environmental pollution.

Then it was followed by Engr. Marc Louise Failon, Environmental Management Specialist I of the Chemicals and Hazardous Wastes Monitoring Section. He disscused about  Ozone Depletion and Greenhouse Effects. In his presentation, he explained how green gases affect our ozone layer.

Moreover, Izar Jesson G. Caludio, Provincial Environment Management Unit of Sarangani Province talked about Climate Change Updates and Actions. In his presentation, he gave an overview of the basic science behind climate system, vital signs that climate experts monitor, and means to address climate change. He elaborately discussed the impacts of climate change and local and international actions taken to address it.

Lastly, Ben Ray E. Marco, a member of Greenducator and CEO of MyFutureONE School, Inc., discussed Youth Activism and Prticipation in Green Action. He also shared his experiences and discussed how youth can participate in various environmental projects and activities.

The webinar was concluded by Maysheen C. Natividad, Chief of Environmental Education Information Unit, who gave her closing remarks. She conveyed her gratitude to the attendees and speakers of the webinar and encouraged the participants to focus on addressing the irreversible damage of climate change and air pollution to people and the environment.